Hilti Office Nord


Hilti Office Nord | FL-Schaan

The new “Office Nord” building at the Hilti Aktiengesellschaft head office in Schaan makes a special statement with its rear-ventilated facade of clay elements. The “Office Nord” building shell consists of prefabricated window elements and relief-like horizontal bands of specially glazed clay elements with rainscreen cladding. This facade, designed by Giuliani Hönger Architects, is inspired by antique building materials and shapes with clay as the building material and a Corinthian column base as the design language. The large-format clay elements, weighing up to 80 kg each, are supported by a substructure specially developed by Hilti Aktiengesellschaft. Despite the high dead weight of the panels, the assembly was easy and efficient thanks to the good planning of all companies involved and the perfectly matched system substructure.

Architect: Giuliani Hönger Architekten | Zürich
Product: LONGOTON®
Color: Titansilver glazed
Shape: Standard form
Photo: Damian Poffet
Project number: 180522