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All MOEDING tile facades are based on the same base structure of the outer wall. The rear-ventilated facades with rainscreen cladding essentially consist of five components that are constructively coordinated with each other: the outer wall, the insulation, the substructure, the rear-ventilation space and the tile cladding. Considerably smaller heat losses, effective weather protection, targeted elimination of dampness as well as simple planning and installation are the result of the consistent separation of the structural and technical functions and their assignment to the various layers of the wall structure. As a member of the Expert Association for Rear-Ventilated Facades (FVHF), we are always forerunners in technical innovations of this form of facade design – which is valuable in energy terms – and combine our knowledge with the experience of other technology leaders in this area.


The efficient and simple installation of the brick tiles is of great importance to us so that each project is successfully implemented. To this end, MOEDING has developed systems that are of maximum efficiency for the relevant installation type. All the systems consist of similar components, which are used in a slightly adapted manner. In addition to the brick tiles, support profiles, tile holders and joint profiles are always available for the installation. You can find an overview of all the systems for the relevant product type in the Technology and downloads section.

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In all MOEDING tile facade systems, the substructure is first attached with tile holders, support profiles and joint profiles. Subsequently, the brick tiles are mounted without the use of any tools, resulting in a significantly reduced installation time. In addition, the systems provide a further important advantage regarding time and flexibility: there is no prescribed installation order. For example, you can begin mounting the tiles on the uppermost scaffolding level and work your way down floor by floor. In this manner, the scaffolding can be dismantled floor by floor, resulting in a considerable reduction in scaffolding costs.

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All MOEDING products have a CE label. The facade systems have general design certifications through the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik [German Institute for Structural Engineering, DIBt], market approval in Great Britain through the CWCT, certification for the French market through the CSTB, as well as many other country-specific approvals. At the Marklkofen location, we ensure maximum quality in development and production with our 300 employees. We convince with our well-founded, practice-orientated advice, comprehensive planning assistance and technical support in the planning and construction phase. With a strong field and office team as well as competent distribution partners in more than 60 countries, we always have a goal in mind: to make perfect solutions available to architects and clients – for creative accents in sustainable facade design.

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