Combine PV modules for the facade with a MOEDING ceramic facade. Further improvement of our standardized fastening system now makes it possible to install ceramic tiles and photovoltaic modules in parallel. We draw on the proven MOEDING system components in this regard. The use of a standard system saves a considerable amount of time and is extremely efficient. The well-known advantages of MOEDING ceramic facades such as a flexible fastening order, reusability of the system components, and simple installation of the structure are also convincing arguments here.


This option involves installing the photovoltaic modules flush with the adjacent ceramic elements. The familiar ALPHATON®  L² and Gen. 06 holders are used. The result is an even look on the facade with no raised or recessed edges.


This option involves positioning the PV modules in front of the ceramic elements. The photovoltaic modules are installed using holders from the L² system and Gen. 06 system as well as BAGUETTE rapid holders.

Approval of the system components

All fastening elements are based on proven system components for MOEDING ceramic facades approved by the building authorities. Any deviations can be verified by way of calculation. The photovoltaic modules used have general type approval.

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Depending on the location, the facade can play a major role in meeting the building’s energy requirements using integrated photovoltaic systems. Additional surfaces can be used that previously had no function, especially in large cities. The lower position of the sun in the winter half of the year means the rays fall more favorably on the facade. As such, the energy yield may be higher in the winter with vertical installation than with a PV system on an inclined surface. What’s more, unlike with roof-mounted systems, snow deposits will not reduce the yield in the winter.

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There are now numerous ways of making the PV modules visually appealing. For instance, a print can be applied to the modules to replicate the look of the ceramic elements, guaranteeing a uniform facade system as well as satisfying the planners’ visual requirements and meeting sustainability criteria.

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Using the MOEDING fastening system also makes it possible to retrofit PV modules on existing ceramic facades from MOEDING. Since our ceramic tiles can be flexibly unmounted at any time, there is always the option to replace them with PV modules in the case of the flush-mounted version or add PV modules to them in the case of the surface-mounted version.


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