LONGOTON® Gen. 06-Rapid

The LONGOTON® Gen. 06-Rapid system is currently being used to install brick tiles with lengths of up to 3,000 mm in horizontal format. Here, all tile holders of the facade to be installed are attached to vertical profiles using hollow rivets or self-tapping stainless steel screws. Once the substructure with all the tile holders has been attached, the brick tiles are mounted without using tools. This is because all the tile holders are equipped with a stainless steel spring in the factory. This engages in a groove on the back of the tile when the tile is mounted, thus securing it in position. The Gen. 06-Rapid System is suitable for all LONGOTON® tiles in lengths of up to 3,000 mm. Here, installation takes place in a horizontal alignment. Here you will find the individual system presentations for this system.

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