Fire Station


Fire Station | Hamburg-Othmarschen

Hamburg office ABK – Architekten Bienmüller + Kollegen - designed a striking wing for the new fire station in Othmarschen. Due to its noticeable facade, the red and gray standalone building is clearly visible from afar. When choosing the color, the architects opted for an effect glaze that reflects the purpose of the building very well. The basis is formed by a strong shade of red that was coated with a black flame using a specially developed technique. This results in a subtle black shimmer that gives the ceramic tiles a particular plasticity. Due to different angles of inclination of the surface and the light black flame of the facade tiles, the character of the rear-ventilated facade with rainscreen cladding changes according to the viewing angle and the rays from the sun and an interesting interaction is produced between light and color. Not only the changing shade but also the surface structure of the building shell ensures that the building is an eye-catcher. Due to the staggered vertical lines, a lively structure arises that, overall, merges into a harmonious whole.

Architect: ABK - Architekten Bienmüller + Kollegen I Hamburg
Product: LONGOTON®
Color: Red with black flame, glazed
Shape: Special form
Photo: Anke Müllerklein
Project number: 160307

“The new building for the fire station is located at a very exposed site, right at the exit of the Elbe Tunnel. Hence, in designing the facade, the focus was not only on the appearance, but also the material had to have high resistance towards environmental influences. Ceramic is easy to clean and thus clearly advantageous. The collaboration with Moeding was outstanding. The manufacturer worked together with us on developing the special shade and made various color samples available at short notice.”

Thomas Bienmüller, Architekten Bienmüller + Kollegen, Hamburg