The Fontenay Hotel


The Fontenay Hotel

On the south-west bank of the Außenalster, the eight-storey standalone building with flowing lines integrates elegantly into the park-like territory. The curved building shape has no front or rear side and gives the large building volume a certain lightness and dynamism. The elegantly curved facade is segmented into horizontal bands made of glass surfaces and large tiles that are shining white in accordance with the Alster ordinance. Formed accurately and individually in eight different, individually adapted radii of 1,500 mm to 22,000 mm, 1,200 m2 of white glazed Longoton® facade tiles were produced on an order basis. Although glazed ceramics have been produced for over 6,000 years, such large glazed brick tiles with exactly defined radii of this size are unique. Due to a specially developed manufacturing process, the architects’ high requirements with regard to the exactness of the bend radii were fulfilled. The result – clean transitions when the radii change and in the area of the lower side made of lasered sheet – stands for the extremely high quality standard that runs throughout the building in all respects.

Architect: Störmer Murphy and Partners GbR I Hamburg
Product: LONGOTON®
Color: White, glazed
Shape: Special form
Photo: Anke Müllerklein
Project number: 140815

“Terracotta clay is a natural material that, in large plates, adapts to the organic shape in ideal fashion; the white glazing has a particular shine in the surface. There are not all too many qualified providers in this field, so it was important to discuss all the planning topics at an early stage: samples had to be produced; a sample facade was built – we were quickly convinced by the expertise of Moeding. Finally there was the tender and the contract-awarding process, where Moeding was also convincing.”

Jan Störmer, Störmer Murphy and Partners GbR, Hamburg