Parkapartments am Belvedere und Hotel Andaz Vienna Am Belvedere


Parkapartments am Belvedere und Hotel Andaz Vienna Am Belvedere

When Renzo Piano does the planning, the result is anything but ordinary. Countless museums such as the revolutionary Pompidou Centre in Paris number among his buildings. In Vienna, a total of five 60 meter tall towers – three residential towers and two hotel towers – with a facade area of more than 25,000 square meters were built by Q1/2019 with PARKAPARTMENTS AM BELVEDERE and Hotel Andaz Vienna Am Belvedere. In order to create a “belvedere”, beautiful view in all directions, the building complex stands on 12 to 18 meter high supports. The residential floors are thus above the treetops and offer views over the city center with St. Stephen’s Cathedral and Vienna Woods. The facade is dominated by floor-to-ceiling glazing, framed by delicate, gray glazed ceramic elements. A new production process was developed in-house for the partially horizontally curved tiles. Six different tile profiles with fine curves and curls were developed in close collaboration with the architects. Based on Moeding’s Alphaton system, the facade is installed with rainscreen cladding and rear ventilation.

Architect: Renzo Piano Building Workshop I Paris
Product: ALPHATON®
Color: Light gray, glazed
Shape: Special form
Photo: Michel Denancé
Project number: 151231

A uniform facade design which extends beyond the individual buildings makes a considerable contribution towards the formal unity of the concept. With slight variations in the pattern, the ceramic facade draws the same design across the hotel and residential buildings. The independence of the project and the high demands of the hotel and residential complex when it comes to quality take physical shape in the form of individually -designed ceramic profiles. At the same time, it connects the historical appearance of the Arsenal and the glass facades of the ‘Erste Campus ’.

Thorsten Sahlmann, Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Paris