Ostwall-Passage | Krefeld

The new building for the Ostwall-Passage gives the Krefeld city center a new highlight between the popular shopping street and the iconic Behnisch-Haus. The facade made of profiled MOEDING ceramic tiles and large openings creates a high recognition value and ensures a lively exchange in the quarter. The haptic structure of the ceramic is based on the textile principle of gathering - a reminiscence of the history of the city. Where the closed facades are wider, the fluting is less strong, where they are narrower, the gathering is condensed. The overall picture is reminiscent of curtains that wrap around the respective levels or window systems.

Architect: ARGE office03 | Köln & DeZwarteHond | Rotterdam
Product: ALPHATON®
Color: Special color gray, glazed
Shape: Special form, waved
Photo: Anke Müllerklein
Project number: 180222

"Because of the many corner and angle joints, it had to be worked very precisely so that the mitres of the ceramic frames were perfect."

Dirk Waldmann from office03