Malmö Live


Malmö Live

Malmö Live is located in the centre of the port city, in direct proximity to the old town, the central station, the university and the port. To integrate Malmö Live into the historic environment, Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects decided at an early stage on a ceramic facade. The modern building complex thus picks up the tradition of the former Hanseatic city of Malmö with its brick buildings and develops it further. In the development of the facade appearance, Schmidt Hammer Lassen focused on finding a uniform pattern that went evenly across the differently designed buildings. In numerous test series, in which both the tone mixtures and the glaze colors were varied, the planner and the manufacturer jointly worked toward an optimal solution. The result was a combination of red, yellow and white brick with translucent glazing that adopt Malmö’s typical color palette, and give the representative building a ceremonial and shining effect. Depending on the weather, the light mood and the season, the facade appears in continually new shades. For instance, the white shade of the hotel appears almost blueish on clear spring days, while the red and yellow shades of the concert hall and the conference centre light up in pink on long summer evenings.


Architect: schmidt hammer lassen architects I Copenhagen
Product: ALPHATON®
Color: White, yellow, red, glazed
Shape: Standard form
Photo: Anke Müllerklein
Project number: 110639

“We took a rather dogmatic approach to the facade of Malmö Live. It had to perform as one veil that covered all of the various elements of the building, while also integrating into a cityscape known for its brick buildings. Our ambitions for a custom facade were ambitious, and Moeding delivered. One of the greatest challenges of working with a living material like clay in a unitized facade system, is its low tolerance. With Moeding, we found that their expertise and hands-on approach to the creation of the Malmö Live facade resulted in unique, custom-colored ceramics that will last for generations.” 

Kristian Ahlmark, Partner and Design Director Copenhagen at Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, Copenhagen