Lidl Einkaufszentrum


Lidl Einkaufszentrum | FR-Chauny

With the new store concept, Lidl wishes to create a new sense of space for a relaxing shopping experience. This primarily encompasses the idea of sustainable technology, as well as customer-orientated retail spaces. But of course, facade design also plays an important role in this concept. Besides the large-scale storefront window, modern, contemporary facades are used for the other three sides of the building. A brick facade with specially shaped brick tiles was chosen here at the Chauny location. The brown glazed tiles create a dark yet warm look. The three dimensional shape of the tiles in combination with the glazing gives the full-surface facade areas a multi-facetted look.

Architect: Frédéric Bauer & Marie Descombes, La Ferté Milon
Product: ALPHATON®
Color: Special color brown glazed
Shape: Special form
Photo: Kamel Khalfi
Project number: 161038

The facade was installed with rainscreen cladding and rear ventilation with the ALPHATON® Rapid System from MOEDING, thus meeting the sustainability standard required of the new concept.