H7 administration building


H7 administration building

As the tallest wood hybrid building in North Rhine-Westphalia, the H7 project was presented with an award at the German Wood Construction Awards 2017. With a facade design consisting of green-glazed ceramic tiles, Andreas Heupel Architekten demonstrate that a wood building does not have to look like a wood building from the outside while still meeting its ecological aim. In likeness to a coat of leaves, three different lightness levels of the same shade of green were defined and arranged on the longitudinal sides of the building according to a precise installation plan. Due to the exact planning, there are never two fields with the same shade beside each other and a lively facade appearance comes into being. A criterion for the selection of the facade tiles from ceramic was the client’s wish to use natural construction materials as far as possible and to use a recyclable facade system. The glazing was defined in several sampling cycles and, in its semi-transparency, corresponds to the architect’s aim to make the naturalness of the material visible and to bring it to life. Supported by the surface structure of the grooved tiles, the glazing color varies from yellowish to deep green and gives rise to a virtually shimmering appearance in certain light situations.

Architect: Andreas Heupel Architekten BDA I Münster
Product: ALPHATON®
Color: Green, glazed
Shape: Special form, grooved
Photo: Anke Müllerklein

“In addition to the ability to implement technically our self-developed terracotta profiles, the willingness of the producer to find the right range of colours with us was particularly decisive for our choice. A green is not simply to be presented as lighter and darker using color regulators. Moeding produced countless color ranges for us in the laboratory – the ambition to implement our idea precisely was, thankfully, not to be braked. The built result confirms that we made the right decision.”

Andreas Heupel, Andreas Heupel Architekten BDA, Münster