Conservatoire Municipal Paul Dukas


Conservatoire Municipal Paul Dukas | Paris 12

LONGOTON® portrait format tiles in various shades of blue were selected by the architect Bernard Desmoulin as the ceramic cladding for the Conservatoire Paul Dukas in the 12th arrondissement in Paris. The ceramic tiles in the format of up to 600 mm x 1900 mm turn the facade into a real art object. The finesse of the substructure in which the elements were suspended adds to the lightness of the complex. The LONGOTON® product group is subject to continuous CSTB-certified testing and has its own additional approvals. It offers a very high degree of architectural freedom while at the same time guaranteeing excellent technical properties.

Architect: Bernard Desmoulin
Product: LONGOTON®
Color: Various shades of blue, glazed
Shape: Standard form
Photo: Michel Denancé
Project number: 120753