Cityringen Henningsens Plads


Cityringen Henningsens Plads | Copenhagen

Ceramic tiles from MOEDING were used for the facade design in seven of the 17 new subway stations. At the station Poul Henninges Plads, brick tiles in two different shades of gray were used. Arranged in a staggered formation, these form an exciting yet clear structure on the large-scale facade surface. The brick plates, made from clay and loam, are part of the rear-ventilated curtain-wall LONGOTON® Rapid System and can be assembled or disassembled without an assembly sequence.

Architect: Arup, Copenhagen
Product: LONGOTON®
Color: 2 various shades of gray, glazed
Shape: Standard form
Photo: Anke Müllerklein

We opted for ceramic tiles from MOEDING because they offer a pronounced material and surface structure in large formats with a relatively low weight / area ratio and a heavy-duty, robust, vandal-resistant and aging-resistant cladding. The ceramic facade is a non-metallic cladding that allowed us to lay antenna cables for radio communication in the 150 millimeter space behind the panels.

Anders Nøhr, Arup