Camden Lock Area


Camden Lock Areal

With the restructuring of the famous Camden Lock area, the aim has been set to create a lively new landmark in the unique London inner-city neighborhood, which is famous for its exciting history. For the integration into the existing architecture of the surroundings steeped in tradition, a solution with highly individual brick elements was chosen. To this end, an innovative system with brick columns – formed of three BAGUETTE types that go well together - was developed with our English partner James & Taylor as well as the architecture office AHMM Architects. Alternately mounted, in three different characterizations of the columns, it creates a lively structure that exudes openness and modernity but that nevertheless creates a bridge to the past through the materiality and chromaticity. For the color design of the BAGUETTES, a new glaze was developed in a brownish color – also specially for this property – that adapts to the light conditions; it varies from a shiny orange to a dark brown.

Architect: AHMM Architects - Allford Hall Monaghan Morris Ltd. I London
Color: Special color brown/red, glazed
Shape: Special form
Photo: Anke Müllerklein
Project number: 170325