Apartment building


Apartment building | Dingolfing

Ceramic tiles from MOEDING were chosen in two different designs for the construction of a new residential and commercial building in Dingolfing, Germany. The lower section features profiled brick panels with a special shape which were mounted in the portrait format. In the upper section of the building, panels that are a little smaller, and with a smooth surface, were mounted in the landscape format. Both designs are the perfect match due to their shared shade of natural light gray, and set stylish highlights in combination with the white plaster facade and the glazing. The ALPHATON® panels were installed using the MOEDING Rapid system which can be used for both landscape and portrait installations.

Architect: Architekturbüro Ammer | Dingolfing
Product: ALPHATON®
Color: Light gray
Shape: Special form
Photo: Moeding
Project number: 180128