Abu Dhabi

Pixel | Abu Dhabi

The new “Pixel” complex consists of seven compact, mid-rise towers of varying heights and features 525 apartments as well as commercial and office space. The newly developed SERATON® brick grid is used for the first time on the façades of the towers facing the central plaza. It functions as privacy and solar protection for balconies and creates a visual link for the buildings. The colours selected here were 14 different pastel shades that create a shimmering pearlescent finish, in a nod to Abu Dhabi’s pearl diving heritage and perfectly implemented in coordination with the colour laboratory in Marklkofen. (Source: Outdoor Living: MVRDV Begins Construction on Pixel, a Community-Focused Development in Abu Dhabi’s New Makers District)  

Architect: MVRDV, Rotterdam
Product: SERATON®
Color: 14 different Colors, glazed
Shape: Standard form
Photo: Visualisierung MVRDV, Rotterdam
Project number: 200211