Dudley House


Dudley House | London

Dudley House is a showcase project in the heart of London. On the one hand, it creates urgently needed affordable housing in the form of 197 flats and apartments. Secondly, in addition to prominently placed retail space, the complex also houses the 9-storey Marylebone Boys’ School, which has a student body of 840 children. For the facxade, a natural and sustainable ALPHATON® ceramic facade was chosen. Different shades of gray give the new building an elegant and also modern touch. The tiles were installed here in both vertical and horizontal format, which allowed the different areas of the high-rise to be structured as most appropriate.

Architect: Child Graddon Lewis Architects | London
Product: ALPHATON®
Color: 5 various shades of gray, glazed
Shape: Standard form
Photo: Joe Underwood
Project number: 171207