The Ceramic Building


The Ceramic Building | GB-London

In our laboratory, new colors are developed daily. This usually takes place according to specific project enquiries and the exact ideas of the designers. Sometimes, however, an attempt is made to create completely new colors and effects through different blends of raw materials, with the goal of providing inspiration for new ideas. This was the case with our Fusion Glazing glazes, which were presented at the BAU trade fair in 2019. The first project to have been completed with this new glaze technique is a property in London which has a fitting name: "The Ceramic Building". For this purpose, with our partners James & Taylor and Roycewood, ceramic elements were developed which function visually as columns. In this case, the individual elements are pre-assembled as window frames and installed on-site in a modular construction.

Architect: SPPARC Architecture | London
Product: LONGOTON®
Color: 5 various shades of blue (Fusion Glazing)
Shape: Special form
Photo: James & Taylor Ltd