Leisure pool, Ried im Innkreis

Ried im Innkreis

Leisure pool | Ried im Innkreis

The new leisure pool in Ried im Innkreis is a modern, aesthetic building. The two-storey building volume at the front only extends to its full length in the area of the property facing away from the road and slopes slightly towards the sauna area at the rear. This clear design concept is also continued inside the building. Its functions also expand from the high to the low, from the public to the private, from noise to silence*. Large-format window fronts meet a filigree ceramic facade that envelops the building. LONGOTON® panels from MOEDING with an undulating surface structure were specially developed and selected for this project. When it came to the color, the architecture firm neururer architekten opted for a white glaze, which develops a different effect depending on the light conditions and is totally resistant to all weather conditions thanks to the high firing temperatures. *Source: https://www.world-architects.com/zh/projects/view/hallenbad-ried-im-innkreis

Architect: Gärtner+Neururer Architekten zt gmbh | Vöcklabruck
Product: LONGOTON®
Color: White, glazed
Shape: Special form, waved
Photo: Schrattenecker-Fischer Fotografie
Project number: 150854