Kaleidoscope | GB-London

Located in the Farringdon district of London, the new Kaleidoscope is a very special kind of building. The complex is home to an 5000 square metre, cutting-edge working area, and is inspired by the colors and dynamics of its location. This extraordinary project was realised with our partners James & Taylor, for which monochrome tiles in terracotta beige and glazed tiles in 22 different colors were manufactured. Exciting: the colorful glazed panels were consistently installed in just one direction, and from the other side, the viewer sees a uniform terracotta facade. As another special highlight, and to create a link with the surrounding historic buildings, particular tiles were provided with a finish by the London ceramic artist Peter Wood using a spraying technique with dark speckles to achieve a slight patina effect.

Architect: PLP Architecture | London
Color: 22 different Colors & terracotta beige
Shape: Special form
Photo: Paul Scott, Joe Underwood (top)
Project number: 171115