Cubex One


Cubex One | Mannheim

The new building for the Business Development Center for Medical Technology in Mannheim impresses with its futuristic design. The building is comprised of almost 8,000 m² of flexibly-scalable space for offices and co-working areas, as well as five laboratories, clean rooms and workshops. Alphaton© panels with a special white glaze chosen by the architect were manufactured for the cube. The brightly-glazed, shimmering ceramic elements pick up on the small-scale brick structure of the adjacent historic buildings. Due to the reflective surface of the material, the surroundings are reflected in the facade in a refined and discreet way. The irregular window openings give the new building a sense of modernity and openness. (Source

Architect: sander.hofrichter architekten GmbH with tobias buschbeck architektur & MTTR - Architekten + Stadtplaner
Product: ALPHATON®
Color: White glazed
Shape: Special format, shingle facade
Photo: Anke Müllerklein
Project number: 170829