360 Rosemary

West Palm Beach, Florida

360 Rosemary | West Palm Beach

The “360 Rosemary” office building is located centrally in a business quarter in the middle of the vibrant city centre of West Palm Beach. The complex impresses thanks to its unique, red-brown ceramic facade. A wide variety of tile shapes – wavy, curved or with a bumpy structure – were used for this exclusive new build. Elaborate cuts provide perfect frames for the large windows. The colored glazing was developed especially for this project. The planners chose the desired color from various patterns with slight nuances in the color shades and thus set a strong accent in the up-and-coming area.

Architect: Leo A Daly | Omaha
Color: Red-brown, glazed
Shape: Special form, waved
Photo: Sinziana Velicescu | Shildan Group
Project number: 180615