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GB London, N26

Olympics marked by sustainability

GB London, N26

Photo: Alex de Rijke
Design of plot N26 within the scope of the architectural master plan for the Olympic Village in London by the firm de Rijke Marsh Morgan Architects, London.
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Integration into urban development

At the Olympic Games in Paris in 1924 and again in Berlin in 1936, it was usual to house the athletes in temporary buildings, i.e. that would be demolished again at the end of the Games. Since then, however, the creation of the Olympic Village has become a form of urban development. In addition to fulfilling the Olympic Committee’s requirements, the long-term development of the host regions is now a key architectural criterion – but not the sole one. It is also necessary to use a sustainable material concept and a system that is energy-optimized for the future. The proposal of holding the Olympic Games 2012 in London was mainly accepted be cause the specifications offered the opportunity to sustainably improve the previously disadvantaged East London area of Stratford.