Photo: Michael Meschede

ALPHATON® Technical Data

Brick density
> 2.0 g/cm³ (DIN 105 Part 4 Ceramic clinker)

The requirements in accordance with DIN EN 539, Part 2 are satisfied

Appearance and structure
The requirements in accordance with DIN EN 1304, Appendix B are satisfied

External monitoring
Through "Güteschutz Ziegel für das Land Bayern e.V." (the Bavarian Quality Association for Bricks)

Building inspectorate verifications
General Building Inspectorate Approval Z-33.1-531:
curtained, back-ventilated, exterior wall cladding with ALPHATON® tile
General Building Inspectorate Test Certificate P-2.17-001:
Substructure for Moeding ceramic facade

Static type tests
Horizontal aluminum substructures for Moeding ALPHATON® tile facade
(scope of verification: tile to horizontal profile)
Moeding ALPHATON® tile facade with aluminum substructure - type test applied for - (scope of verification: ceramic tile to anchor)

Test certificate in accordance with DIN 18 516 external wall cladding, back-ventilated
Part 1: Requirement, test sets
Appendix C (normative): "Test Requirements for small format cladding tile"

Expert report
"Agreement with provisions of DIN 18516, Part 1"

Test certificates, certificates and expert reports are additionally available for the facade tile concerning:
Frost-resistance, ventilation, and back-ventilation of the construction, sound insulation, thermal protection, fire resistance rating with extinguishing water trial, radar reflection damping, and weathering resistance (S02).


Substructure system based on horizontal support profiles